Gateway to Patents

  1. The portal allows those with inventions they wish to protect and commercialise to submit an application for fund raising.

  2. The below diagram provides an overview of our patent funding process.

  3. Please submit questions via email to

portal-adobe-icon Before submitting an application, have you checked our FAQ document?
  • Your application for fund raising will be held in confidence.

  • Your description of the invention or provisional application will be reviewed by a patent attorney and your business plan will be assessed by a business advisor.

  • If your application passes this initial approval stage, we will require you to submit a patentability search report or we can commission a 3rd party patentability search on your behalf. The search will be reviewed by a patent attorney who is familiar with the technology and who will provide an opinion on whether the invention could be patented. Assuming a favourable opinion, we ask the patent attorney or a patent attorney of your choice to quote for their services and all official fees for the duration of the project. This quote plus our fees forms the basis of the amount to be funded. If you already have a patent and require funding for further territories then we will combine the costs of your existing patent with the new territory funding costs and return your expenditure to date.
  • Please contact with any questions you may have.

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